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Friday, August 22, 2014

Update info ttg Radio LuahanRasa.FM

Seperti yang telah di khabarkan pada anda radio LuahanRasa.FM telah di tamatkan perkhidmatannya pada Jumaat 6 June 2014, setelah hampir 2bulan radio telah di hentikan ia kembali di udara dgn mengunakan radio  sponsor dari luar negeri, dan akan beroperasi bila2 dj ONAIR, waktu dj bertugas tidak tetap dan keudara sesekali untuk berkongsi informasi ttg radio, album terbaru, artis dan show juga kegiatan kebajikkan harap maklum - Deejay Ibumisali

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

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We will give our support in every way possible for you to get to know your favourite artis better such as their activites etc. Likewise, If you are an artist and you want your work, taken off of our site, drop us a message and it will be removed immediately. 

At this website we fully respect our artis privacy and dislike, in such we want to make everyone happy and always remember where to visit to get not only entertainment but information.  At the same time if you are an artist and want ur album to be promote on our website, you are welcome to send info about ur album and tracks.

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